For Immediate Release: Globe Connect, LLC is excited to announce the arrival of their first shipment of JLM Lubricants in the United States. October 2022

Lucy Dormont, Business Marketing Director at Global Connect said: “We are excited to have these products ready for immediate distribution to independent truck repair shops with up-to-date diagnostics’ capabilities, trained to work on diesel exhaust systems, including Class 5 and pick-up size vehicles. (This also includes vans, box trucks and older diesel cars). By forging this relationship with JLM Lubricants, we can assist those shops currently lacking day-to-day technical support via the independent DPF Doctor Network founded by Darren Darling, a long time JLM brand ambassador. Darren and his team of DPF Doctors work closely with JLM Lubricants in the crucial stages of product development and testing which is a big plus when selling products to truck repair shops; they must work first time, on time, every time! Darren also runs live and interactive online DPF training; something we are keen to explore in greater detail now our status as a JLM distributor has been cemented.” “A combination of DPF Doctor training and JLM Lubricants’ trade trusted iconic products will provide our customers with unparalleled levels of technical support and first-class product solutions. It’s a long overdue move.” Speaking of the relationship between Globe Connect and JLM Lubricants, Gilbert Groot, founder, and CEO of JLM Lubricants said: “We are delighted to welcome Globe Connect to the JLM family. They are a perfect fit with their ethos, values, and their customer base. Our mission has not changed since we first opened our doors in 2010, namely, to create best of breed preventative and problem-solving products that meet the demands of any professional workshop whether premises-based or mobile. Because we focus on innovation, we respond swiftly to market trends and every product we develop has a high concentrate of the actual working ingredients. We only use additive packages from the top tier chemical companies and never use white label or untested ingredients. We have bold plans for the future and are pleased that in Globe Connect, a brand with such an exceptional pedigree and trade customer base, we can now extend our reach and influence in the USA.”